Permanent Cosmetics

Mixed or Combo Brow | $550

This technique combines hair strokes (microblading) with the powdered brow.

Microblading | $425

This technique is a very natural look that is hairstrokes to create structure, used with a handheld tool instead of a machine. Mimics the apperance of hairs in the brows.

Powder Brow | $425

Give a soft, powdery effect with all over color. Healed results gives a soft natural look with more structure and all over color.

Eyelash Enhancements | $275

Thin liner or soft, smoky liner in the lash line. Opens up the eye without looking like you have a lot of eyeliner on.

Eyeliners | Upper Only $325 | Upper & Lower $400

Thin or medium liner above the upper lash line and below the lower lash line.

Lip Liner $300 | Blended Lip $400 | Full Lip $500

Line the vermillian border the give the apperance of lip liner. Blended / Ombre Lip: Lip liner softly blending half way into the lip and slowly fade out to blend into the natural lip color. Full Lip: Full lip tattooed to give color throughout the entire lip.


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